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Popular Junk Yards

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  • A-Foreign U-Pull Parts

    Aadlen Bros Auto Wrecking also know as U Pick Auto Parts and A-Foreign-U-Pull Parts is a fantastic salvage yard. Everyone who goes there is impressed by their inventory, their customer service and their prices.


    Cape Fear Pick-n-Pull

    First Self-Service Used Auto Parts or Salvage yard in Wilmington NC. Cape Fear has an amazing selection of cars and truck’s auto parts at excellent prices. Over 1500 vehicles in the yard at any given time gives you the confidence you will find the part you are looking for. Vehicle Inventory in the yard are […]

  • Everett’s Auto Parts

    Everett’s Auto Parts in Brockton, MA has an extensive supply of cars on their self-service junk yard which operates in conjunction to a full service yard and scrap processing facilities. They keep a constant 1500+ vehicles which are available for everyone to pick parts from. They keep and online inventory system that helps you find […]

  • LKQ Pick Your Part – Anaheim

    LKQ Pick Your Part Anaheim excels in customer service, they are prompt to help you find the vehicle you are needing a part from, they also provide with free wheelbarrows and engine hoist to remove heavy parts like engines and transmissions.

Disclaimer (Statement)

Our website Pick N Pull A Part in no form or matter is associated with companies like Pick N Pull, LKQ, Pick A Part, Pull A Part or any junkyard facility for that matter, we are an independent online directory that only list such.

Pick N Pull (Pick and Pull)

Pick N Pull is one of the largest salvage yards business in North America, it counts with over 50 Pick N Pull Locations through the country, you can find a Pick N Pull near me almost anywhere you travel in the USA. Pick N Pull inventory is enormous and they have uncountable number of vehicles, all their vehicles are setup on a concrete or paved yard. You can use our website to find any Pick and Pull location near you.

Pull A Part

Like most salvage yards in our site, Pull A Part is a self service used auto parts store. Pull-A-Part has over 25 locations covering most eastern USA and the Southern states like Texas, Arizona, Louisiana and many more states. Pull A Part is considered to most a jewel of the junkyard industry, their prices are very competitive and can never be matched to dealer or new parts store prices. Every Pull A Part store counts with an inventory of over 700 vehicles in stock, their Pull A Part Inventory has vehicles of all makes and models, we call it a U Pull It Inventory since you have to pick your part and then pull it from the vehicle. 

Junkyards/Salvage yards/Scrap Yards/Wrecking Yards?

Junkyards are also known as wrecking yards,salvage yards,scrap yards or breakers yards. They are places were wrecked or vehicles that are not in driving conditions are taken. There are junkyards for heavy duty trucks, tractors, airplanes, boats, motorcycles, but most junkyards are for cars and trucks. This salvage yards operate within the cities they are located at, buying vehicles that are towed away from crashes or that don't run any more.
Most junkyards buy their vehicles from owners, from the cities that have towed away vehicles and were abandoned by their owners, insurance companies that sell wrecked vehicles too costly to repair. At it's best, a junkyard has their own tow trucks that they send to pick up the wrecked vehicles from their sellers, they also buy cars and trucks from local stablished towing companies. When this vehicles come in to the yard, they are setup into their inventory, classified by make, model, year, condition of the vehicle, is it complete?, does it run? etc.
Once the car is in the yard, they drain all the hazardous fluids and remove anything that can hurt the environment, then this cars or truck are either taken into the yard for regular folks to pull parts from them or are taken to a crusher where they shred the vehicles into scrap metal and sold to manufactures to makes new ones.
Many junkyards are equipped with a computerized inventory system with a database of all the vehicles in the yard, some allow you to search the vehicles through their online inventory system, they can show you where the car or truck is on their yard.